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Specialty Business

Our experts have the technical knowledge and industry experience to operate effectively in specialist areas. Across the US our team of highly skilled adjusters can give you the tailored claims service you need.

Service Overview
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Our adjusters provide the advice and guidance throughout the claims process to help your policyholders back into business as quickly as possible.

What sectors do we specialize in?
  • With carefully selected loss adjusters in each of our specialty teams, we provide a range of expertise and experience. These sectors cover aviation, fine art and specie, financial institutions and many more.

    An example of some of the specialist business we can work with you on:


    Our experience lies in aviation hull and aviation liability related claims.

    Boiler and machinery

    A thorough investigation by our loss adjusters and a collaborative approach with other specialty adjusters, helps quickly establish if the loss was the result of mechanical, electrical or fire to minimize business interruption. Our services extend to mediation for joint losses or disputes between the property owner and boiler and machinery carriers.

    Bond and fidelity

    Our highly-skilled specialists will deliver an in-depth financial analysis, security analysis, site evaluation and risk assessment to establish an approach to resolve the claim. In the handling of Fidelity losses, we understand how important it is to develop an adjustment strategy that considers risk exposure, investigative requirements and recovery possibilities, all with a minimum of claim handling expense.

    Class action services

    We partner with insurers and law firms involved in class action litigation claim investigation and adjustment; administration of class action settlements; statutory/regulatory research; data/document management; crisis management; and exposure containment to deliver a tailored, high-quality service.

    Financial institutions

    We provide loss adjusting and risk management services to financial institutions and their insurers. We offer practical, considered solutions to the most complex of financial losses and our local expertise in the US, complemented by our global reach, means you have people with the best legal, regulatory and industry knowledge managing your claims.

    Our service includes:

    • Bankers blanket bond
    • Cash in transit/cargo
    • Professional indemnity
    • Specie
    • Computer crime
    • Safe deposit boxes
    • Product recall and contamination
    • Scheme work

    Fine art and specie

    This type of loss requires a tailored claims management solution provided by discrete specialists who understand the industry. We effectively manage claims involving high-value items including, paintings, antiques, collectibles, precious metals and stones, cash, securities.

    Global programs

    We balance local resources with central control to give you a global program that is tailored to your policyholder’s business. We offer expertise in managing cross-border, global risks for some of the world’s leading businesses as well as a successful claims management program for smaller businesses. From loss adjusting, risk management, claims management and surveys we provide a range of services for global risks.

    Pest control

    Termites, ants, cockroaches and spiders can all cause damage to contents and property. Our expertise in this area means we can help quickly resolve these claims in a cost efficient way.

    Public entities

    State governments, municipalities, schools, hospitals and transit operations can all benefit from our claims management experience in the event of a loss. We understand this sector and the relevant local regulations and government statutes and our adjusters are sensitive to the Public Entity political environment.

    Subrogation services and recovery

    Our specialist team is dedicated to recovery and subrogation services and we’re able to maximize your recovery dollar.


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