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Resolution Services

For property damage disputes between an insurer and policyholder, our resolution services offers a fair, cost and time effective approach to settling a claim.

Service Overview
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Our team use an appraisal under the policy (AUP) process, which can eliminate the need to go to court.

This process can offer a satisfactory way for both parties, to determine the loss amount and to resolve the claim dispute relating to lost or damaged property. Our certified appraisal professionals have extensive experience with this process and also understand property policy wording, local jurisdictional differences and local building codes, costs and processes.

How we can help
  • Certified appraisers based across the US

    Our appraisers specialize in the AUP process for both commercial and personal lines. This is complemented by a wide range of skills varying from construction, estimating, restoration to award negotiation.

  • A service you can trust to find a solution

    Our team mediate claims using their industry experience and expertise. For a service you can trust to negotiate and find a way to settle a claim dispute quickly, our resolution service provides the answer.




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