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Third Party Administration

inTrust provides claims management across all classes of insurance to corporations, insurers and agents. We provide you with claims data and analytics, allowing you to spot and manage risks and claims trends.

inTrust is our fully autonomous third party administration service

Our skilled and sympathetic staff are always ready to assist - on Christmas Day last year, we took over 60 calls
Service Overview
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32 countries, over $307m of clients’ funds in 22 currencies, more than 550 dedicated TPA staff and ten global hubs. Last year we handled 230,000 claims and made recoveries of $20m.

Our clients come to us for a tailored risk management solution for high volume, low value claims, or because they:

  • Have too many or too few claims to manage effectively in-house
  • Are dealing with new or highly-complex claims
  • Need global TPA cover which complies with regulatory, legal and cultural requirements and covers all time-zones, languages and currencies
  • Need a consolidated view of their data
How we can help
  • Protecting your reputation

    Think of us as an extension of your brand, with staff who aim to settle claims swiftly and sympathetically, based on your values and customer service philosophies.

  • Providing you with analytic tools

    We don't just collect your claims data or offer you real time access. We make sense of it, using advanced analytics to identify pinch points and opportunities for risk mitigation.



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