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Forensic Advisory Services

We specialize in providing financial forensics and investigation services to the insurance industry, legal, professional services, corporate and public sectors.

Our forensic advisory services are provided by FAS Global

Fulfilling your forensic accounting, economic loss quantification, business valuation and solvency assessment needs.
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FAS Global provides astute, independent financial analysis to insurers, reinsurers and captive insurance companies. Our forensic accounting expertise ensures claims are accurately quantified and resolved.

“The financial elements of losses are often the largest and more difficult component of an insurance claim to analyze. Our growing team of U.S. forensic professionals will work closely with our clients, brokers and policy holders and their advisors to uncover the financial evidence to quantify the full financial impact of any loss.” Jeffrey Cornwell, US Head of FAS Global

How we can help
  • 30 years of forensic accounting expertise

    Our team has experience with a range of claims, including business interruption, inventory loss and fixed asset damages in the US and globally and with a range of industries such as mining, energy and power.

  • Litigation support and dispute resolution

    Your source for objective advice on dispute resolution, litigation support matters and solvency assessments that call for expert financial analysis and opinion.



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