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We offer a network of environmental specialists in the US and around the globe who are ready to respond to the most challenging of claims and provide consultancy and guidance from day one.

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Mark Luehrs

MCL Global
Executive General Adjuster & AVP Environmental Services - Environmental

T: +1 214 488 6694

Environmental damage can disrupt a business, damage a reputation, require clean up measures that are minimal or have huge financial consequence and remediation can take anywhere from days to years.

Our team have a wealth of experience within this complex field, in understanding local laws and policy nuances to ensure swift identification of cause, liability and remediation options. We are able to handle all types and sizes of environmental losses, including petroleum and chemical releases, quickly and cost effectively, to help get businesses back on track as soon as possible.

We also have expertise in: underground storage tank, toxic waste sites, environmental professional liability.

  • Right level of service at the right time

    We are one of the largest claims management and loss adjusting businesses in the world, with client relationships that have stood the test of time as we can be trusted to deliver the right level of service.

  • Local expertise in over 60 countries

    We deliver the finest technical skills, industry specific knowledge and best practice to respond to losses of significant size and complexity, backed by local expertise on the ground in the US and globally.

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