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Dedicated client programs

We understand that claims administration is your core competency. You need and demand the capability to control the handling of each and every claim to ensure your claims philosophy and client expectations are met.

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We have the capability to handle your high volume, low severity property claims from one service center through client-dedicated teams who provide a focal point for you and your policyholders. These teams ensure every aspect of an event is handled to a satisfactory conclusion.

Our advantage is that we offer both our expertise and technology.

  • Here is how we do it

    Tailor-made claims processes
    We meet your unique specifications with the flexibility to handle claims the way you want them handled.

    Corporate Branding
    We know maintaining the relationship between insurer/customer is of paramount importance. We offer corporate branding services to ensure our service is seamless.

    Cost Containment
    Our investment in expertise and technology is a profitable alternative to internal investments for insurers.

    Single Point of Contact
    By calling a toll-free number, callers have a single point of contact for their claims needs, ensuring their initial experience is easy and friendly.

    Fast claims resolution
    With trained personnel, we can manage through to completion an estimated 80% of all claim calls directly over the phone.

    Trained personnel
    Our claims representatives are trained in both loss adjusting and customer service skills. We know that it takes the combination of these abilities to maintain total customer satisfaction.

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week

    With online access, our internal audit and quality control teams can review and instruct any file on the system, from any location around the world. Our audit teams can ensure the quality of our work product.

    Every aspect of each claim is entered, maintained and accessed online. This means you can assign, monitor, instruct or audit any open or closed file entirely from the convenience of your office.

    With built-in instructions and appraisal software there is no room for error. All file requirements are controlled and input from one central source and hard coded into the system.

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