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Weather Services

Weathernet provides you with reliable data from our network of 200 urban weather stations across the UK enabling you to validate weather-related claims or predict annual weather-claims spend.

Our weather services are provided by WeatherNet, a recognised authority on UK weather trends - past and future.

Our reporting covers
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  • Historic weather reports include averages and deviations.
  • Incident reports include weather data for specific postcodes, dates, time and place.
  • Climate reports include averages for temperature, rain, sun, wind.
  • Claims performance

In addition:

  • We can configure the output of the data to your peril definitions.
  • XML module can interface direct to your claims systems to auto-validate weather claims.
If your business is outside of insurance, our reporting and data can also help you to forward plan and to better manage your business if it’s exposed to the unpredictability of weather.
  • Consultancy services

    We provide bespoke, cost-competitive consultancy to minimise the impact of weather on your business. For example, on the Bond films, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royal, our services were used to plan filming.

  • 24/7

    You can speak to our meterologists, 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm. We will warn you ahead of severe weather so you can put your claims response in place, and we will provide a follow up report afterwards.

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