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We have the expertise and capability to handle simple to complex, low value or high value travel claims. Our service includes claims management as well as fraud investigation and recoveries.

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The experience and skills of our travel team in the UK are complemented by our bespoke IT systems and software, so you can access accurate and reliable reporting throughout the life of the claim.

Our capacity, experience and flexibility means we are able to provide excellent customer service, even during times of increased claims. For example, at Christmas 2011 we saw a 30% increase in travel claims due to severe weather. Heavy snowfall led to travelers making claims for cancelled travel plans or expenses from waiting for a flight to leave. Our travel team were able to help make the process easy at a stressful time.

Our travel service extends beyond claims handling
  • Reducing the impact of fraud on the travel industry

    We are able to detect, contain and measure fraud and can work with you to minimise cases of fraud.

    Prevention is vital, so we work with you to develop a fraud strategy to minimise cases of fraud. When fraud is identified, we use our experience to determine the right method of investigation.

    Providing accurate and timely data and reporting throughout both the claims handling, and fraud investigation, is important, and we will provide you with performance data that is set against the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) fraud benchmarking definitions. In addition, we can also measure and track specific fraud initiatives.

  • Recovery process

    We offer a recovery service to provide a second set of eyes and to ensure all avenues of recovery have been looked at on closed travel claims files. This assists with detecting fraud and can improve loss ratios.

    We provide an effective recovery service to companies who handle their claims in-house, or use other claims handlers.

    The recovery process is straightforward:

    • You send us your closed claim files, preferably the most recently closed first.
    • Transportation of files can either be arranged by you or by us.
    • We will review all files for potential recovery.
    • We will log files where a recovery is to be pursued and cross reference to your claim number.
    • Files where there is no potential will be returned to you immediately.
    • Recovery amounts, net of commission, will be sent to you on a monthly basis, with supporting spreadsheet.
    • Once recovery work is complete, files will be returned to you.


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