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Repair, Restoration and Mitigation Solutions

Think of us as experts in property repair and restoration, whatever the damage

Our repair, restorations and mitigation solutions are provided by Oriel

With a decade of of property reinstatement experience, we work for insurers, brokers and property owners
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Oriel provides you with a range of different trades

From every day jobs through to major losses, such as the winter storms and floods in 2013 and 2014, Oriel’s experienced network of contractors have been on hand to rebuild damaged properties including homes, commercial buildings and major infrastructure.

Whatever the cause: be it subsidence, flood or fire, our substantial force of skilled tradespeople are ready to work around the clock to restore damaged properties.

How we can help
  • Protecting your reputation

    With our local response, regional support and national control, we are in the best position to offer your policyholders excellent customer service

  • Keeping a lid on costs

    We minimise your repair lifecycle, using our extensive network and relationships to get approved contractors on-site as quickly as possible. And we regularly check that our rates are still competitive

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  • Catastrophe Response

    Catastrophes provide the ultimate test. We have dealt with some of biggest events on record by mobilising our large network.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate claims need a flexible loss adjusting response that reflects the nature of the property affected.

  • Weather Services

    Our weather services are provided by WeatherNet, a recognised authority on UK weather trends - past and future.


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