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Real Estate

Real estate claims need a flexible and dynamic loss adjusting response that reflects the nature of the property affected, as well as the type of tenants involved, and our real estate team are able to offer this.

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Our experienced loss adjusters in the UK are supported by our global network of specialists and in-house civil and structural engineers and surveyors, to resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Real estate is a constantly evolving sector and it can be exposed to risks at any stage, from development to demolition. We have a proven track record handling claims relating to all types of real estate and can help a range of policyholders, from asset management groups to property companies to self invested pension plans. We provide cost-effective tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the property owner.

How we can help
  • Swift repairs to damaged property

    Our adjusters have experience relating to modern and historic construction, as well as UK planning issues and building requirements and a network of trusted contractors to carry out reinstatement work.

  • Reliable reports for property management

    We provide you with detailed reporting and analysis to help identify claims trends, monitor your claim's progress and to put in place risk management measures for the future.

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