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Fraud Prevention

Our UK specialists will work with you to develop a tailored strategy to protect your business from fraud.

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Our approach to fraud is to focus on prevention, detection – through expertise and technology – and containment, through investigating and managing potential cases of fraud.

Fraud can damage your business and the wider insurance industry. We know your focus is typically on helping people rebuild after a loss, and fraud is a distraction from your core business. According to the ABI, in 2014, UK insurers found 350 cases of insurance fraud, worth over £3 million, each day in the UK.

We can help you mitigate the damage and impact of fraud on your business – and on your honest customers.

Our fraud service
  • Investigations

    Ideally, fraud prevention would be the only service we were required to offer, but fraud investigations are necessary from time to time.

    We manage investigations into all types of claims, including; household, commercial, motor, travel, creditor, liability and subsidence from small to large losses and single site to multi site claims, throughout the UK.

    Our investigations are carried out by experts who identify the most appropriate and effective method for each fraud case and will carry out the investigation efficiently.

    With accurate and reliable reporting, you can review the progress and results of any investigations.

    We aim to validate genuine claims quickly, so we can use our time to investigate and resolve potentially fraudulent claims.

    Often fraud cases are referred internally, by our loss adjusters who are trained to identify fraud. In other instances, they can be referred directly.

    We’ve provided a forensic service for over 15 years – which includes scene investigation – when needed. Most investigations are desk-based to offer a cost-effective service, but our investigators will visit the site to analyse point of entry damage and other spillage, plus accidental damage, if this is needed. Our professional forensic examination and analysis will help you to reject dishonest claims, prosecute if appropriate, helping to potentially reduce your claims spend.

    We have a wide range of experience with different types of investigations. For example:

    • Commercial Special investigations
    • Special investigations
    • Forensic investigations
    • Creditor investigations
  • Fraud investigation methods

    We use a range of methods to look at cases of fraud. Some are outlined below.

    Investigative Telephone Interviewing

    This is a bespoke service for conversation management. Following our claims screening process, our trained staff use our IT based solution, combined with manual expertise and key investigation indicators, to identify suspicious claims.

    Approaching claims in this way provides a cost-effective method, to establish if a claim is genuine or fraudulent. Our approach is discreet. We make sure customer service standards are maintained.


    Surveillance is another method we use to investigate fraud cases. All surveillance is carried out in accordance with regulatory and legislative requirements, using highly skilled professionals. We monitor and manage their performance. We provide a wider range of investigation services to help with cost and time efficiencies.

    Our focus is to provide a legally compliant service, through static or mobile surveillance, that captures all available evidence, and protects and minimises your exposure to reputational risk.

  • Types of fraud


    According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), motor fraud was the most common type of fraud in 2014, with 67,000 cases, valued at £835 million.

    Our motor experts, are highly experienced and stay up-to-date with current tactics used in fraudulent motor claims. This enables us to quickly identify cases of fraud and to help you contain it.

    We have a national network of both employed investigators and licensed field investigators who have police and insurance experience. We use our own forensic laboratory with document analysis equipment to investigate claims.

    Travel fraud

    We detect, contain and measure travel fraud and can work with you to minimise cases of fraud.

    Prevention is vital, so we will help you develop a strategy to minimise cases of fraud. When fraud is identified, we use our experience to determine the right method of investigation.

    Providing accurate and timely data and reporting throughout both the claims handling, and fraud investigation, is important. We will provide you with performance data that is set against the ABI’s fraud benchmarking definitions. We can also measure and track specific fraud initiatives.


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