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Environmental, Engineering, Fire and Specialty Services

EFI Global provides a full-service environmental, engineering, fire investigations, and specialty consulting to a variety of industries.

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Sarah Civil

Corporate Risks and Specialist Practice Groups Director

Our EFI Global experts are specialists in environmental adjusting and consulting, forensic engineering (structural, mechanical and electrical), fire investigations, specialty building consulting and project management. We take a tailored and practical approach that’s based on immediate action to mitigate loss, reduce costs and respond quickly.

Our team are committed to providing practical and inspired solutions to technically complex issues. Combining our national resources with local expertise, we provide experienced, professional advice, together with recommendations and long-term solutions.

Our core services:
  • Environmental adjusting and consulting services

    In the UK, we have a specific environmental services team – with dedicated environmental claim experts. They’re qualified and experienced in handling all types and sizes of environmental claims, wherever they occur, and provide a quick and cost-effective resolution.

  • Forensic Engineering & Building Consultancy

    With professionally qualified experts and specialists in virtually every different industry, we offer a single source for all our clients’ engineering needs. A simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we deliver the same quick response, in-depth analysis and timely reporting for each project.

  • Fire Investigations

    We understand the importance of constructing thorough and wellsupported fire scene evaluations. For many years, we’ve worked with a number of external organisations that provide certified, highly trained and experienced fire investigations services in support of our in-house team.

  • Specialty Consulting

    As a business, we specialise in managing every aspect of any type of loss and wide scale catastrophic event. When we need highly specialised technical support, we partner with other organisations, collaborating with people who are skilled and accomplished in their specific field.

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