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Commercial Lines

We work to reduce any business interruption by getting your customer back on their feet as quickly as possible. This is our ethos in high frequency, low severity claims and complex multi-million pound losses.

Service Overview
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Our commercial adjusters make sure your customers’ immediate logistical needs are addressed, such as emergency repairs and temporary premises.

We work on behalf of insurers, brokers and corporate clients within all classes of commercial lines claims. We know the difference between guiding an SME policyholder versus a large corporate risk manager through the claims process, and offer a empathetic approach to handling a claim, however large or small. We keep everyone informed throughout every step of a claim, aiming on each occasion for a swift and fair settlement, to the benefit and satisfaction of all parties.

How we can help
  • Protecting your reputation

    Consider us as an extension of your brand when handling your commercial lines claims. We've deliberately created flexibility within our service so it can be tailored to fit with your claims culture

  • Saving you money

    Our loss adjusters, surveyors and forensic accountants are used to working effectively with multiple parties, ensuring the swift and efficient resolution of a claim

  • Service Features
    • We work with the customer to make sure that the damage is identified, the extent of loss correctly established and the reinstatement process planned in a way that minimises further losses
    • Our specialists have expertise in many disciplines, such as; engineering, finance, legal, fire origin and cause and many others. The appropriate expert is used to obtain the most accurate result
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