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Pushing the boat out

When a succession of storms battered the UK during winter 2013 and into 2014, Cunningham Lindsey literally pushed out the boat to reach stranded policyholders

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The only way to reach 100 residents in the Somerset village of Muchelney was by boat and tractor.

The UK and parts of Europe saw the most severe sequence of storms since 1990 in December 2013 and into the 2014, leading to extensive flooding, power outages and widespread disruption. In one of the worst affected areas, over 17,000 acres of the Somerset levels were submerged, damaging over 600 properties and cutting off villages. In the UK alone the cost of claims reached £500m.

  • The Challenge:

    Policyholders in the village of Muchelney were marooned by flood waters

  • The Solution:

    Roland Godshaw, Private Client Services Adjuster for Cunningham Lindsey, accompanied by John Calver, NFU Mutual Regional Manager, South West and John Duffy, NFU Mutual Regional Senior Technician, South West, were taken into the village to visit customers by recue boat and tractor.

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