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Forecasting the weather for Bond and the Shard

Weathernet, who provide weather services to our UK customers, helped the Bond production team plan their filming schedules and the Shard construction team their build schedule.

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The weather data which our Weathernet team capture from hundreds of their stations across the UK has assisted venerable British icons such as James Bond and the Shard. 

Construction business Mace, who have been a client for ten years used their reports to help plan works on London’s highest tower. And on Bond filmsCasino Royale and Quantum of Solace, our services were used to help plan filming.

  • The Challenge:

    As every insurer knows, weather can disrupt every business sector, not just Hollywood films and landmark builds. The job of predicting the notoriously unreliable British climate can frustrate businesses across the UK.

  • The Solution:

    Weathernet are open for business seven days a week from 7am to 11pm. In the case of severe weather, we provide a warning service for claims patterns up to 5 days in advance, so insurers can put in place systems and processes to deal with an increase in claims. This can assist you to predict the number of weather related claims you might receive, manage workload and have appropriate staffing levels in place to provide a better experience to customers.

    Construction clients use historical and current reports for the tendering or the planning and delivery of projects.

    And we also provide advice to the Legal industry, who use our robust and reliable data for criminal or civil litigation, on occasion asking us to provide expert witness interpretation and certified witness statements.

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