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Creating a system to process 20,000 claims over the weekend

Cunningham Lindsey's Strategic Business Development Officer David Aiston remembers a phone call he took from the Home Office in the midst of the 2011 UK riots

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How the Home Office tasked Cunningham Lindsey with putting together a response to the London and UK riots in the space of a weekend.

It was August 2011, 5.30pm on a Friday and I was just about to pack up and go away with the family for the weekend when I got a phone call, from out of the blue, from the Home Office.

They said: “You may be aware of the riots in London and we need a claims capacity set up by Monday morning. We think there may be 20,000 claims to handle.” That was quite challenging, but we did it.

For me, this experience showed how varied loss adjusting can be.

David Aiston

Cunningham Lindsey

Strategic Business Development Director & Head of Global Specialty Markets

  • The Challenge:

    Riots engulfed London between the 6th and 10th August 2011, with criminal damage, arson and business interruption causing claims of £200m. In addition to insurance companies, under the Riot (Damages) Act the government also had an obligation to provide compensation.

  • The Solution:

    Cunningham Lindsey worked closely with the government and the Association of British Insurers to establish a bureau to process claims for those without insurance.

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