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Bridging the gap

A spate of under- and uninsured claims in the waste and recycling sector has prompted a coordinated effort between adjusters and brokers to devise more comprehensive coverage

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Traditional insurance policies don’t fit the peculiarities of waste management. When losses occur, insureds are often faced with the difficult and expensive task of removing their own waste debris

Waste management has boomed in recent years, but so have fire claims as a result of spontaneous combustion and deliberate ignition. But most policies do not recognise waste material in either its raw or converted state as “stock” in the traditional sense, and there are recurrent issues around the costs incurred for its removal. The situation is exacerbated when fires are doused with water, adding to the weight of the debris.

Conventional policies have difficulty identifying waste as stock. The sector is crying out for bespoke wording.

Paul McLarnon

Cunningham Lindsey

Corporate Development Director and Water and Waste Sector Advocate

  • The Challenge:

    In many instances, the wordings in property and business interruption policies for waste management and recycling firms fail to provide adequate coverage when claims arise.

  • The Solution

    Cunningham Lindsey worked with the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and a global broker to devise bespoke insurance policy wordings which recognise the unique features of this sector. We hope to achieve an insurance product which works better when a claim arises, resulting in a reduction in uninsured aspects such as stock waste debris removal.

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