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CFR and Audits

Our team of experts offer CFR and Audits with the examination of closed cases with proven results that can optimize the business.

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Examination of closed cases is good business. Is there a potential for improving the process? Are claims expenses or combined ratio too high?Are payments always correct? Are your customers satisfied with the claims handling?

We offer an independent examination of closed cases by our experts. Our experience shows that CFR often results in considerable improvements in both combined ratio and customer satisfaction.

Cunningham Lindsey in the Nordic countries offers a solution that is individual from customer to customer based on your companies specific needs and goals including:

  • Database for the specific solution
  • Buy-in and accept from company and employees
  • Interview and input from employees
  • Personal interview of underwriters
  • Access to customer claims handling system
  • Choice of claims to audit
  • Audit of chosen claims by the experts at Cunningham Lindsey
  • Presentation of results
  • Evaluation and input to next step plan



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