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About us

We are the leading claims management and loss adjusting business in the Nordic countries.

What we will do for you

We don’t only work as claims adjusters or just with insurers and brokers. The Cunningham Lindsey group includes a range of businesses working on all parts of the risk life cycle, including pre and post-loss. These include experts in surveying, engineering, construction, forensic accounting, training, fire origin, environmental risk and contractor management. Many of these businesses were created because we spotted that our clients in the insurance industry needed these services.

However, increasingly, we’re finding corporates and small businesses taking up these services as they seek to manage and mitigate their risks

However specialist your business, whatever its size and wherever you are in the world, our local teams are ready to assist you.

Find out more about our Nordic leadership team.

Who we work with

Our client base extends across the whole of the insurance industry. We provide a broad range of expertise; from building valuations to major loss claims, desktop handling, repairer network etc.

We will respond to your needs and help you address the key areas of customer satisfaction, customer retention and cost control.

We are always seeking to improve and invest in our people, processes and technical resources.

Many of the world’s largest catastrophes have occurred during our long history, with some of the most costly in the last couple of decades.

With over 6,000 skilled staff in over 60 global offices we aim to be first on the scene, putting together specialist response teams when catastrophes happen.
Many of our adjusters are experts in their field, from fine art & marine to product recall and environmental liability. They are called upon by insurers, brokers and specialist markets such as Lloyd’s to assess complex high-value claims wherever they occur in the world.

Much of our business is with private households and SME companies– our staff will offer sympathetic and practical help to people dealing with a loss.

If we aren’t getting it right – if you need to make a complaint

We’re committed to providing excellent service, and will always aim to do so. It is, however, inevitable that on occasion disagreements and errors may occur.

If this situation has occurred and not been resolved to your satisfaction and, as a consequence, you wish to make a complaint, we commit to:

  • accept your complaint in the medium which suits you best – telephone, email, fax or letter
  • dealing with your complaint in a diligent, timely and fair manner
  • investigating your complaint impartially, and where appropriate, independently of the person(s) against whom the complaint has been made
  • complying with the process stated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • working with your insurer, where in some cases your insurer will take over the handling of your complaint and any response will be issued by them, and following their timetable

How long will it take?

We aim to resolve the issue immediately. If we’re unable to achieve this by the end of the third business day following receipt, and unless we’re required as mentioned above to refer your complaint to your insurers for their attention and response to you, we will:

  • acknowledge your complaint in writing, advising you of the name, position and contact details of the person responsible for investigation your complaint
  • we’ll aim to provide you with a final response within ten working days, or earlier if required by your insurers
  • if we’re unable to issue a final response within this time because of the complexities of the case, or because of the necessity to await information from others, we’ll advise you of the reasons and provide you with the date by which we expect to be able to issue a final response
  • if you’re unhappy with our final response, (and are the insured party or other eligible complainant) we’ll undertake to inform your insurers, to enable them to advise you what further dispute resolution options are available to you

Who do I contact?

We believe dealing with the problem as close to source as possible facilitates speedy resolution, and we suggest notification to the complaint referral point you’ve been given at the outset of your claim.

Our complaint process is overseen by our leadership team at:
Cunningham Lindsey, Lautrupvang 8, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark
T +45 44 85 86 88
F +45 44 85 86 10


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