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Cunningham Lindsey Marine appointed as Loss Adjusters on Modern Express

15th Feb 2016

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Ton Schox

Major & Complex Loss
Head of Marine Continental Europe Specialist Practice Group Marine Leader

T: +31 88 286 64 00

Cunningham Lindsey have been appointed as Loss Adjusters on the Modern Express with regards to the timber on board where it has been said the ship had a heavy list.

Modern ‘MV’ Express with a crew of 22, issued a distressed call on January 26 when the Panamanian – flagged car carrier suffered from a loss of stability. The abandoned vessel was later towed by Smit Salvage to the port of Bilbao, Spain before the vessel either sank, collided with another ship or ran ashore to the French Coast. It has been reported that severe weather played a central role throughout the salvage which made things difficult for everyone involved.

Ton Schox our Global Head of Marine, situated in The Netherlands, is working closely with our Marine office in Bilbao where our concerned interest is approximately 3000 cubic metre of timber from Gabon that the ship was carrying.

Should you require any further information on how we may be of assistance to you and your clients then please contact Ton Schox, our Global Head of Marine.

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