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Our approach to technology

We firmly believe that technology - and keeping up with the technology curve - is essential to the future growth and relevance of our business

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We are investing in the latest technology so that you have a competitive advantage

From drones to Big Data and advanced analytics, we embrace new technologies so that we can offer you an outstanding claims service and help you get more from your claims data.

Your business is facing significant challenges and disruption from external sources. There has never been more pressure to operate efficiently and reduce claims leakage. We invest in the latest technology so you don’t have to.

Technology has disrupted the way we do our work and we have to respond to that quickly

Jane Tutoki

Cunningham Lindsey

Global CEO

How we can help
  • Advanced analytics

    Hidden within your claims data is information, not always apparent to the naked eye, that will help you triage your claims, identify fraud and - for corporates - spot risks to mitigate.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

    The 2015 Tianjin Exposion is just one example where adjusters - unable to access the exclusion zone around the blast site - were able to use footage from drones and satellite images to update clients

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