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Making a claim – what to do

Submitting a claim - advice for Policyholders and Insurers

We promise to act as an impartial third party in dealing with your claim.

We will help you resolve the claim, fix the damage and get back on with your life. You’ll find information here about the claims process.

Submitting a claim
  • I'm an insurer

    Letting us know about a loss is easy. You can submit your claim online and we receive it immediately. To submit your claim, simply click on the ‘Assign a claim’ button, complete the form and select submit.

  • I'm a policyholder

    Once you've contacted your insurer they will let you know if they have appointed us to work, on their behalf, to resolve your claim. If your policy lists us as the first contact, please click on the 'Assign a claim' to submit a claim online.

How we work with policyholders
  • Making the process easy, during a difficult time

    If you’re a policyholder, regardless of whether your loss relates to your home or a business, the loss adjuster’s role is simply to look at the damage, the details of the loss and to assess this against your policy. For some losses, such as damage to your contents following a contained fire in your kitchen, this can be straightforward but for multiple losses from a series of events, it can be more complex.

    When we first speak to you, we will assess the situation and we will make a decision, using our years of experience with claims handling, about whether it would be beneficial for a loss adjuster to visit the site, or if the claim can be handled by phone or email. If it’s appropriate, an adjuster will visit the site promptly, but regardless of whether a specialist visits or not, we will outline the steps that will be taken to resolve your claim. Our specialists will then provide you with expertise and guidance throughout the course of your claim.

  • What do you need to do?
    • Insurers ask that you take reasonable steps to make sure the damage doesn’t get worse, so whilst you need to make the area to be secure, please don’t engage a contractor in anything other than emergency repairs to make the area safe, before the loss adjuster has visited.
    • When a loss adjuster visits, it’s helpful if you have your policy and schedule available.
    • In the event of damage to contents, it’s useful to keep the items for the loss adjuster to look at.
  • Settlement of claims

    We aim to make the process as quick and simple as possible. Typically most claims are settled through repair, but in some cases the claim will be settled through replacement or a cash payment.

    The length of time it takes to settle your claim depends on a range of factors, but we will communicate with you regularly so you know the status of your claim.

    The settlement amount you receive will depend on the assessment of your claim. Factors which may have an impact on the settlement amount include: Policy excess, policy limits and discounts.

    We look at the damage and the circumstances of the loss and look at the detail of your policy. Policies won’t cover absolutely everything and occasionally claims are declined as the damage, rather than being caused by an event, for example a storm, was pre-existing and the result of natural wear-and-tear. But if you believe that your claim was incorrectly declined, then do speak to us.

  • Complaints process

    If you have feedback – good or bad – on any aspect of our service, we encourage you to send it to us via your local office. This feedback helps us grow and better our organisation.

    We want to do the best job possible for you. If you have a complaint, we will resolve it promptly. We promise to investigate all complaints with impartiality and fairness.

    If you do send us a complaint, our aim is to resolve it quickly. If we are unable to resolve it within 24 hours we will write to you with the contact details of the person responsible for looking into it. We aim to resolve all complaints as soon as possible, usually within ten working days, but we will keep you updated as we work through the issue you raised.


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