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Online access to your claim files and robust loss management reporting are but two important features of our paperless claims administration system

If you are a subscriber, click here: e-Link – eConnect 2.0

New! eConnect just got a whole lot better!
eConnect 2.0 is the same great eConnect system you’ve come to rely upon but now with enhanced functionality and more efficient navigation, effective claims management has never been easier! 

For the new features and benefits watch our short video, read the User Guide or the Frequently Asked Questions.

To register to view your claim files online, please contact any of our office locations.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or local office.

Why use eConnect? 

Instant access: Every aspect of a claim file is stored electronically including claim information such as payments and reserves but also scanned documents and correspondence including digital photographs.  As a result, authorized users have complete and instant access to all the latest file information.

Online communication: One of our newest features is the ability for you to communicate directly with the adjuster within the online claim file. Adjusters are notified when you have left a message in the diary and can respond to you either directly within the online file or by email.

Remote access: If you have access to the Internet, you have access to your claim files. From home or around the world, our web-enabled systems ensure you always have access 24/7.

Hands-on supervision: You never have to feel out of the loop again. With online access to all your claim files, you can audit and monitor the performance of your file.

Reporting: We are able to produce reports to suit all your information needs; the sophistication of our systems means we can produce information by various categories, according to your data criteria and the formats you prefer.

Secure: You never have to worry about security of your electronic claim information. Those designated representatives receive a personalized user id and passcode. This security feature restricts access to client-only files, ensuring that you can view only your files and that other users can view only theirs.  Please note that our systems are PIPEDA compliant.

Value added: Access to our online claim system and its robust loss management reporting features are offered as a value added service to all our clients.

To register as a subscriber, please contact any of our office locations. Click here for our office locator

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