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Transportation and Fleet Services

Commercial Transportation and Trucking Claim Specialists partnering with insurer, insured and broker to investigate and adjudicate claims - promptly, efficiently and with expertise and integrity.

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Experienced senior adjusters are located regionally to ensure you receive a rapid response from coast to coast. All are uniquely qualified to handle every phase and activity of your transportation related claims. With our National Heavy Equipment Appraisal Services tailored specifically to heavy equipment, it is designed to provide our clients with timely and accurate appraisals on insured, high value assets.

How we can help
  • Our Team

    Our National network of TSF adjusters include Cargo Specialists, Perishable Commodity Specialists, and those trained in Hazardous and Dangerous Goods.

  • At your side 24/7

    Our 1-800-ADJUST4, toll free reporting line provides you with claims response anywhere across North America.

Service Features
  • Our diversified list of features means you will receive the best possible claims management.

    In addition to the following services, our TFS division will engage our Forensic Auditing Services and our Subrogation & Recovery Unit when required to ensure you receive complete servicing of all your transportation related claims

    • Accident Scene Investigations
    • Serious Bodily Injury & Fatality Investigations
    • Loss Transfer / Validation of Claims
    • Assessing & Settlement of Total Losses
    • In-Land Cargo Inspections
    • Cargo Theft Investigations
    • Cargo & Heavy Equipment Loss Mitigation
    • Truck & Heavy Equipment Appraisal
    • Railway Crossing Accidents / Derailments
    • Investigation & Assessment
    • Auditing Services
    • Subrogation


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