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Forensic Advisory Service

We specialize in providing financial forensics and investigation services to the insurance industry, legal, professional services, corporate and public sectors globally

FAS Global in Canada is part of a global team of experts that can assist you and your clients; wherever and whenever you need us.

Fulfilling your forensic accounting, economic loss quantification, business valuation and solvency assessment needs
Service Overview
Expert in this field
Francis Gagné

Manager, FAS Global (Canada)

T: +1 514 938 5400

We provide forensic accounting expertise to insurance professionals undertaking assignments for claims managers, insurance adjusters and lawyers from the initial notification through to claim finalization

FAS Global’s forensic accounting expertise ensures insurance claims – including business interruption and stock loss – are accurately quantified and resolved.

We have experience across a wide range of industries, including mining, energy and power.

Our international footprint has allowed us to respond to recent catastrophic events with speed, including UK floods in 2014 and Australian storms in 2015 as well as, more recently, the Canadian wildfires in 2016.

How we can help
  • Business interruption

    We work with you to resolve large (and complex) losses where business interruption and stock reconciliation are major elements.

  • Litigation support and dispute resolution

    Your source for objective advice on dispute resolution, litigation support matters and solvency assessments that call for expert financial analysis and opinion.




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