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Auto Physical Damage

Our reputable service handling Auto PD claims is built on our technical expertise, technology and processes, experience and commitment to operating in a flexible, transparent way to meet your customers' needs.

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We provide end-to-end services for handling auto losses while ensuring valid claims are dealt with swiftly and fairly, saving you time and money. Our desktop adjusters are experts in claims triage, assisted by advanced analytics, to identify and validate straightforward low-value claims, ensuring they are settled quickly and fairly to the benefit and satisfaction of all parties.

Our service is a comprehensive solution to help you manage auto claims with staff to provide the right level of expertise and experience.

We offer flexible auto claims management which can be tailored to meet your customers’ or business’ needs. Technology and data are increasingly important in this sector. It can help insurers facilitate decisions about the most appropriate service repairer – not just based on location. We have invested heavily in technology so that we can manage claims effectively.

How we can help
  • Protecting your reputation

    Consider us as an extension of your brand when handling your auto physical damage claims. We have deliberately created flexibility within our service so it can be tailored to fit with your claims culture.

Service features
  • By managing your auto physical damage claims we can:
    • Reduce claim expenses using desktop adjusting
    • Reduce claim cycle time
    • Ensure consistent, thorough and accurate claims handling


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