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About Us

Cunningham Lindsey is a global loss adjusting, claims management and risk solutions firm with a 100 year track record

Why have we survived since Hamilton bank manager, Manley Morden, founded us almost a hundred years ago? Because we’ve always worked to provide good customer service.

We work with businesses, insurance companies, insurance brokers and policyholders offering expert and impartial assistance when losses occur.

With over 5,000 skilled staff in over 60 global offices we aim to be first on the scene, sending sympathetic and skilled adjusters into households and businesses and putting together specialist response teams when major incidents happen across Canada.

Many of our adjusters are experts in their field, from fine art & specie to product recall and environmental liability.

We can also offer you our, fast growing, third party administration service. inTrust provides you with well trained empathetic staff with expert knowledge of local regulatory systems you are increasingly grappling with. These teams also capture data and insights that can help you improve your organisational resilience.

The Cunningham Lindsey group includes a range of businesses working on all parts of the risk life cycle, including pre and post loss.


These include experts in fraud, surveying,engineering, construction, forensic accounting, training, fire origin, environmental risk and contractor management. Many of these businesses were created because we spotted that our clients in the insurance industry needed these services. If there is something you think the market needs in Canada, let us know.

Find out more about our leadership team in Canada here.

Our History

Cunningham Lindsey is now a global business, but we started here, in March 1923 when retired bank manager Manley B. Morden opened a small insurance adjusting office in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. Morden opened his office on the advice of friends who said the adjusting business might be worthwhile since there were no adjusters at the time in Hamilton. That business now has over 5,000 permanent staff in over 60 countries

But things weren’t so easy back in 1920s Canada. By 1925, Mr. Morden needed assistance with the company and entered into a partnership with Norman W. Helwig renaming the company Morden & Helwig. Over the next four years the company hired four adjusters to keep up with demand. Business was booming in 1929 so Mr. Morden and Mr. Helwig opened up branch offices and incorporated the company.

Mr. Morden was president until his death in 1930 and then Mr. Helwig assumed the role until his death in 1951. Branch expansions continued from 1931 to 1975, and then in 1975 the head office was moved to Toronto after more than 50 years in Hamilton.

A succession of mergers and acquisitions in the seventies and eighties lead to the company being named as Lindsey Morden and in 1987 went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Expansion into the U.S. followed in 1990 with the two-part acquisition of Lindsey & Newsom Claim Services in Tyler, Texas.

Four years later the company entered into a joint venture with The Cunningham Group to provide international services and we completed the acquisition of The Cunningham Group in July 1998. In October 1998 the company completed the acquisition of Ellis & Buckle, becoming a truly global venture and in 1999, the company’s name changed from Lindsey Morden to Cunningham Lindsey.

We hope that Mr Morden of Hamilton, Ontario would be proud of the present day Cunningham Lindsey and of the many claims which the business has covered since 1923 – helping householders and businesses get back on their feet.

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