Marine launches mobile website

15 Aug 11

At Cunningham Lindsey we continuously aim to improve our services to the clients. In the Marine industry especially, claims are experienced on a 24/7 basis all over the world and often need a quick response by a specialist Marine surveyor.

The Marine Specialist Practice Group recently launched their capability database on the Cunningham Lindsey website, which presently contains more then 120 specialists in 37 countries. This database is being continuously updated and expanded to give you an even better service.

We have now developed a mobile website which enables you, when on the move, to find not only the contact details but also their capabilities of our specialist marine surveyors.

Ton Schox, Marine Global Practice Leader, "strongly believes that this mobile app will help our clients to make the well thought choice when using Cunningham Lindsey."

Cunningham Lindsey continuously aim to innovate their services and products.

If you require any more information on the Marine services that Cunningham Lindsey offer please do not hesitate to contact Ton Schox or visit the Global Marine page on our website.


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