New Zealand Earthquake

23 Feb 11

We're all shocked at the devastation we're seeing on TV. And saddened by the loss of life and serious injuries suffered by Cantabrians in the aftermath of the earthquake which struck on Tuesday.

Our Christchurch office had to be evacuated, as has our Disaster base Rydges Hotel. In the days to come we'll work out how best to service our clients' needs, but we'll be our of action in Christchurch for the remainder of this week. We will let you know in due course when we can resume claim visits.

The emotional impact of this disaster will be immense. As just one example, Philip van Zyl (our Christchurch and Southern Regional Manager), has lost his house. He and his family are intending to drive out of Christchurch to find accommodation for the night.

Martyn Norrie, Chief Executive of Cunningham Lindsey in New Zealand will travel to Christchurch as soon as he can gain access, to assess our situation and to co-ordinate our response to this latest disaster. He had cut short an overseas business trip and will be back in New Zealand today. We've already made contact with our colleagues in Australia, South Africa, Canada and America to establish what additional resource can be made available.

We'll keep you advised of developments as they affect Cunningham Lindsey and our service to you and your customers, but would ask that calls to our staff are kept to an absolute minimum as they need to concentrate on the safety and security of their families.

Many people in Christchurch and around the country are suffering terribly, and our thoughts are with them as searches continue among the rubble.

We will post further updates as progress and developments are made.

Darryl Cowan
Specialist Commercial Division Manager 

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