Flooding in Cumbria, UK - Update 5

30 Dec 09

Good progress continues on the ground with all strip outs having been completed ahead of Christmas as planned. They drying phase is well advanced. We are pleased by the number of properties where reinstatement works are already underway. Individual claim plans for damaged properties indicate that a significant proportion of properties will be sufficiently dry to commence reinstatement works by mid-January.

The weather conditions which prevailed in Cumbria in the period leading up to the flood were exceptional. Following a period of heavy rainfall which had saturated the ground, the area suffered the heaviest 24 hour period of rainfall ever recorded in the UK on 19 November 2009.

Every flood event presents its own set of unique challenges in establishing accurate reserves, but we have applied the learnings from various previous flood events in order to refine our processes.

Some of the challenges we are facing include: it is as yet unclear as to how exacting the local Building Control Offices will be in this village of many Grade II Listed buildings.

It is also feasible that there will be some variations to the agreed schedule of works as a consequence of how the drying ultimately affects the individual property in question. Any such cases will be advised to clients following the pre-contract meeting held between the adjuster, surveyor, repaired and customer prior to reinstatement work commencing.

We are confident that we have applied the combined knowledge of our most experienced surveyors and adjusters in the market; and by following our new processes we're confident that the reserves notified to clients are as accurate as possible.




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