Flooding in Cumbria, UK - Update

26 Nov 09

Our adjusters on-site reported further raised water levels yesterday afternoon leading to some instances of new damage, so we wait to see the impact of this over the coming days.

The diversity of properties affected means that we have ensured we have the right expertise on the ground in Cumbria. Our command centre in Cockermouth is providing a local base to operate from - not just for our domestic and commercial loss adjusters, but also for our surveyors, major loss team, Oriel contractors and fraud investigators.

Contact has been made with more than 98% of customers with only a few being difficult to track down. We have already visited the majority of claims with the remainder being visited by Friday this week. We have capacity to visit any further new instructions before the weekend should further claims result from the ongoing weather situation.

We will focus on managing the extent of strip out as well as the drying regime to be employed and as such are working with disaster restoration companies to ensure they are being used where they best add value.

From a customer perspective we are conscious that this event is barely a month from Christmas and that customer frustration could develop if, just as the reinstatement phase of building repairs is getting underway, building contractors shut down for their customary 2 or 3 week holiday over the Christmas and New Year period. We are delighted to advise that Oriel have arranged for their contractors engaged in this flood project to work over the Christmas break.

We recognise that the accuracy of reserves will be high on the agenda, not least as we approach the financial year end for many insurers. We are employing a number of mechanisms and checks to ensure that clients are presented with a robust reservice within 30 days of the initial visit.

For further information about our flood response, please email info@cl-uk.com

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