Battle for Bangkok continues...

19 Oct 11

Thailand Floods - Race on to defend Bangkok & Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate latest flood casualty.

Late in the afternoon of 17 October, the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate's embankments gave way to the northern flood water run-off looding the industrial estate. Nava Nakorn estate is near Khlong Chiang Rak and houses 227 manufacturing plants.

Investment in the estate is valued at more than 100 billion baht. It has been reported that 100% of the estate is swamped. In today's Bangkok Post, First Army commander Udomdej Seetabutr, who inspected the industrial park, said 10% of the manufacturing plants in the estate were under more than two metres of water and severely damaged; the extent of damage to the remaining plants is being assessed.

However, the race is on to defend Bangkok itself especially in the eastern part of the capital. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is speeding up reinforcement of flood barriers in the Sai Mai district. According to day's Bangkok Post, Sai Mai has become a strategic battleground as failure to stop flooding there could see some northern and eastern districts close to inner Bangkok such as Don Muang, Bang Khen, Bang Kapi and Min Buri under water and inflict damage to the capital.

Let us hope that this battle is won and Bangkok is spared the worst of the flooding. However, we will keep you updated if the situation changes.

Cunningham Lindsey have now established a flood hotline, so please don't hesitate to call the hotline if you and your clients require our assistance +66 844 992081.

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