Cunningham Lindsey announces launch of Global Mining Practice Group

15 Jun 10

The implementation of Cunningham Lindsey's practice groups continues with the establishment of a Global Practice Mining Team.

This group of experienced adjusters have handled hundreds of major mining losses involving floods, landslides, access route interruptions and plant losses of every description; together with hydroelectric, ventilation, electrical and communication systems on both open cut, deep and mixed mines.
Their experience includes:
  • Catastrophe response, losses that seriously impact mine production and resulting in lost sales
  • Site recovery, dealing with regulations, controlling water treatment and proper disposal etc.
  • Dealing with severe mechanical damage to long wall mines
  • Understanding challenges associated with replacement of mining equipment
  • Loss management and settlement following the flooding of underground workings of platinum mine
  • Deep seated mines with significant property damage and business interruption 
  • Conveyor system collapses causing change of mine plan with impact to sales and production

These mining adjusters, who are supported by over 6,800 Cunningham Lindsey employees, throughout 65 countries are based all over the world ensuring that Cunningham Lindsey is unrivalled in their ability to meet the needs of their clients wherever they are.

Global Mining Practice Group Leader - Denis Smith, commented that "You can trust in our people, brand and track record of dealing with mining claims to know that when you use Cunningham Lindsey you have the right people, for the right job."

For further details please contact:

Denis Smith
Global Product Liability Practice Group Leader
Tel: +1 604 632 9903

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