Cunningham Lindsey respond to monsoon floods in Northern India

9 Jul 10

The first monsoon rains over the past two days have led to significant flooding in parts of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The arterial highways connecting the northern towns to Delhi have been blocked by the flooding and the Ghaggar River is overflowing and has flooded Punjab's Patiala district. Western Command contingent of the Indian army has been mobilised to assist in plugging breaches of the Sutlej-Yamuna link canal and also to assist with rescue missions. Areas in Haryana remain without power and drinking water.

The worst affected districts in Haryana are Ambala, Kurukshetra and Kaithal, while in Punjab, Patiala and Sangrur districts have been hit. Trains continue to be delayed in Punjab and Haryana and the airport remains closed in Himachal Pradesh.

The army and voluteers of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been assisting in rescue and response operations in the region. As reported agricultural land has been affected by this catastrophe and areas where maze and paddy crops are grown have been affected by the stagnation of water. Heavy rainfall and breaches in the region have also washed away the National Highway (NH-65), between Ambala and Hisar at around the 25 Km point.

Cunningham Lindsey in India has already established CAT teams in the affected areas and have commenced damage assessment activities. They are able to accept further instructions if required.

If we are able to be of any assistance, please contact either of the following persons:

Anil Dhingra
Director, Cunningham Lindsey International Pvt Ltd -Delhi
Phone: +91 98116 50544 Email:

Avya Kapoor
Cat Team Operations Co-ordinator and Operations Director, Cunningham Lindsey International Pvt Ltd - Delhi
Phone: +91 98111 83544 Email:

Ben Price
Executive Director, Cunningham Lindsey International - London
Phone +44 207 816 1800 Email:   

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