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Our History

In March 1923, retired banking manager Manley B. Morden opened a small insurance adjusting office in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. Morden opened his office on the advise of a few friends who said the adjusting business might be worthwhile since there were no adjusters at the time in Hamilton.

By 1925, Mr. Morden needed assistance with the company and entered into a partnership with Norman W. Helwig renaming the company Morden & Helwig. Over the next four years the company hired four adjusters to keep up with the demand. Business was booming in 1929 so Mr. Morden and Mr. Helwig opened up branch offices and incorporated the company.

Mr. Morden was president until his death in 1930 and then Mr. Helwig assumed the role until his death in 1951. Branch expansions continued from 1931 to 1975, and then in 1975 the head office was moved to Toronto after more than 50 years in Hamilton.

In 1986, the company was purchased by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. This company was now known as Lindsey Morden and in 1987 went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Expansion into the U.S. followed in 1990 with the two-part acquisition of Lindsey & Newsom Claim Services in Tyler, Texas.

In 1990 our name was changed to Lindsey Morden Claim Services. Four years later the company entered into a joint venture with The Cunningham Group to provide international services and we completed the acquisition of The Cunningham Group in July 1998. In October 1998 the company completed the acquisition of Ellis & Buckle, and in 1999 the company’s name changed from Lindsey Morden to Cunningham Lindsey.

In April 2006 our parent company, Lindsey Morden Group Inc., changed their name to Cunningham Lindsey Group. The change was made to align more closely with the corporate identity and common banner used by all of the operating subsidiaries.

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