With the rapid changes made in both information and manufacturing technology in recent years, the impact of damage to this equipment on a business can be severe. Equally the way in which cover has been written for these risks has always demanded a high level of expertise.

At Cunningham Lindsey our team of experienced specialists help guide our client's customers and intermediaries through the complex process of reinstating the damage and the intricacies of policy coverage.

Our aim is to ensure that we get businesses back to normal working conditions as soon as possible, whilst ensuring claims spend is contained through the correct application of policy cover

Key benefits

  • We will rapidly agree an appropriate course of action to ensure the quickest practical resumption of business, thus reducing claims spend and the costs to the business itself
  • We will make sure that the causes of any mechanical or IT failure are investigated thoroughly to allow an accurate decision to be made regarding the extent of policy coverage
  • We provide early contact and agreement of mitigation strategy to minimise loss
  • We provide a structured practical response and practical advice for customers
  • We will communicate regularly with all parties throughout the claims process

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